Ecological Gold: What is it and Why it's the Future of Jewelry

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To fully understand Ecological gold, we first need to understand the basic mining practices of the population of over 15 million independent gold miners across the globe. These 15 million plus people rely on gold mining as a livelihood, and a way to support their families. They are typically from rural communities that don't have many other job opportunities. 

A piece of gold in a Fairmined miner's hand.

These miners use age-old techniques to extract gold from the ore in the Earth.  Mercury and cyanide have been used for centuries as a way to easily bind many tiny gold particles together to form larger nuggets. Today we now understand how harmful and life-threatening it is to come in contact with any amount of mercury.  This doesn't just affect the immediate area where the mining happens, because the miners will openly burn off the mercury from the amalgam of ore, gold, and mercury to get to the gold inside. Doing so creates toxic vapors that are released into the air, and have the potential to travel across the globe. In other instances they dump used mercury into local water sources, polluting the water and the marine life that ultimately we could end up eating. What is Ecological Gold and Why We Believe it is the Future of Gold

Ecological gold solves this global issue of mercury emissions. So what is it exactly? Ecological gold is simply mined without the use of these toxic chemicals. The Fairmined initiative has been assisting gold mines in adopting mercury and cyanide-free mining practices. These miners use other Earth-friendly practices that ensure their safety and the safety of our planet, by helping eliminate the threat of mercury emissions on a global scale.

FUTURA is a proud partner of the only three small-scale gold mines that are Certified Fairmined Ecological in the world - located in Peru and Mongolia. Our gold is 100% Ecological, traceable, and responsibly and ethically sourced.

Fairmined gold pieces in a bowl.



FUTURA was born out of the mission to eliminate mercury emissions caused by traditional techniques of gold mining from small-scale gold miners, which the United Nations calls, “a major threat to our planet”.

We are a leader through our conscious decision of working with Fairmined Ecological gold and our certified mines. We hope to encourage the jewelry industry to take this same step toward using Fairmined Ecological Gold and to encourage more small-scale mines across the globe to adapt these safe and sustainable clean mining practices.

We believe in providing awareness and education on Fairmined Ecological Gold for you, and presenting a new jewelry option made from clean gold for thoughtful buying options.

Ethically sourced Fairmined gold jewelry on a Black model.


Ecological gold is the gold of the Future. Every piece of FUTURA jewelry sold supports the communities working to make our planet safer and each piece sold brings us closer to our mission of eliminating mercury emissions from the planet.

We invite you to join us to be part of the movement for a cleaner planet and to make a positive impact through your gold jewelry choices. Together we can make a difference.

FUTURA is the Future of Jewelry