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Green Dreamer Podcast with Kaméa Chayne


Our founder had the opportunity to share more about Futura on the Green Dreamer Podcast and offers a way to make a difference for the 15 million small scale miners, our planet and ourselves through buying Fairmined Ecological gold. "If we don't start encouraging [miners] to make a change in the process then mercury emissions are going to plague us and our children forever."



Why Eliminate Mercury?

Image via Ripples Daily

Image via Ripples Daily

In 1956 in Minamata Japan, four patients were admitted to hospital suffering with very high fever, convulsions, psychosis, loss of consciousness, coma and finally death.  Soon afterwards, 13 other patients from nearby fishing villages suffered the same symptoms and died.  As time went on, more and more people became sick and died.  It was finally determined that the cause was mercury poisoning.  Mercury was in the waste product dumped in Minamata Bay on a massive scale by a chemical plant.  Fish and birdlife also perished.  In all, 900 people died and 2,265 people were certified as having directly suffered from mercury poisoning.  Speaking out against the chemical plant was forbidden.  The plant was a major employer and enjoyed considerable economic and political clout all the way to the national government.  A riot by local fishermen in 1959 finally moved the government to investigate the cause of the illnesses and deaths.  It took officials 12 years to finally admit the cause of the contamination and order a halt to the mercury dumping into Minamata Bay.  The story of survival is being turned from a book (by W Eugene Smith and Aileen M Smith) into a movie starring Johnny Depp.  In 2019, over 99% of gold mining for jewelry is mined releasing toxic mercury emissions into the ecosystem traveling vast distances through the atmosphere and waterways and causing irreversible damage to our health the environment.  Unbelievably, today small scale gold mining is the largest contributor to global mercury emissions.  We believe in a better solution for our gold jewelry. Discover the modern, clean future of gold jewelry.


We are a partner of the United Nations Environmental Programme Global Mercury Partnership.  Our mission is to produce high quality jewelry with certified mercury free gold to help reduce global mercury emissions caused through gold mining by up to 30%.