Ancient Origin

Release 02

Ancient Origin


Two timeless pairs of earrings, two rings, and a bracelet were chosen for Release 02 to be handcrafted today in New York City with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold.

Selected for their modern appeal and cultural intrigue, we’ve honored the artists by handcrafting each design precisely as originally intended – unchanged.

Imagine women in Athens, Rome, and Nabatea were wearing this very jewelry delicately engraved and crafted by hand thousands of years ago, when the arts had only just begun to flourish; epic poetry was written for the first time by Homer; and the Olympics were founded.

These Ancient civilizations all embraced gold jewelry, art, beauty and symbolism through depth of meaning in ways we continue to rediscover and appreciate in our modern lives today.


A stunningly crafted link chain crafted by the Mycenaeans of Ancient Greece, dating back to the Bronze Age.

The Lion ring hails from ancient Rome and is a symbol of courage and strength. The wearer of this ring was protected by the brave lion heads.

The Ancient Power hoops were worn by the women and men of ancient Greece as a symbol of protection and to ward off negative energy.

The 800BC ring featuring the classic Greek key pattern and was likely handcrafted by a young artisan.

The Deity earrings hailing from the ancient city of Nabatea were worn daily by women as a symbol of protection.