Be a Changemaker with Your Jewelry Choices

It's time to align our values with our choices. 




We believe a modern thinker takes care of their health, well being and loves contributing to their community. They are compassionate about their choices to eat and live clean.

They expect brands they support to act responsibly. They believe in their power to initiate progress and positively impact the future.

Jewelry for the Modern Thinker

For all you modern thinkers out there, use your purchasing power to vote for the world you want to see.

Exactly how does your purchase make a difference?

1. You are keeping harmful mercury emissions from entering into our food and water sources, that would have otherwise spread across the globe, affecting us all.

2. You are supporting gold mines that have made an effort to change from harmful methods of gold mining to clean and safe ones. So you are directly helping those mines continue to provide Fairmined Ecological gold.

3. You are creating demand for the gold mines that have not made the transition away from using mercury in the mining process. This will help incentivize these mines to adopt safer methods, and update their methods.

4. You are ensuring that your jewelry is mined by workers who have rights, are paid fair wages, and ensures no child labor is used in the process.

5. You are helping revitalize the earth with habitat restoration after a mine leaves an area.

The Modern Choice

Adorning ourselves with gold jewelry goes all the way back to our Ancient ancestors and the establishment of civilization. It's a ritualistic act that for many remains a truly timeless mode of self-expression. Gold is eternal, and the lure of it is undeniable. This is why we believe it will never fade as a means of adornment and expression.

We're never going to stop wearing gold. Regardless of the use of recycled gold, mining will continue because there is still a need for newly mined gold that outweighs the availability of recycled gold. In addition, we can still support the millions of people who rely on mining as a livelihood to support their families. The most ethical and modern solution is to source Fairmined Ecological gold for the future of our planet, our children, and our grandchildren. 

How You Can Be a Changemaker

1. SPREAD THE WORD: Speaking about global issues with friends and family is a great and easy way to get the word out. 99% of gold is mined with the use of toxic chemicals, and now it's more important than ever that we start to ask about the origins of our gold. Let's stop the issue at the source, and help these gold mines adopt mercury-free practices by challenging the jewelry industry to do better and create demand for clean gold.

2. FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE: Follow us on Instagram, comment, like and share our posts, to help spread the word about solving this world-wide crisis. Every bit counts, the more you share, the quicker we can make a positive difference.

3. PURCHASE FAIRMINED ECOLOGICAL GOLD JEWELRY: Last but not least, purchasing Fairmined Ecological gold jewelry is the most direct way to help this issue. Each FUTURA purchase directly benefits the gold miners, their communities, and all of us with a safer environment and brings us closer to a mercury-free planet. Vote with your wallet today for the future you want tomorrow.