The World’s Purest Gold Jewelry

The best of the best, released one by onE 



Release 01



The creative director for Release 01 is iconic artist MAN RAY.

Limited Edition.


18kt Certified Fairmined Ecological Gold.

Catherine Deneuve, 1966

Catherine Deneuve, 1966

Legendary Jewelry Design

The most imaginative jewelry designs in history with a sense of modernity.

Our Creative Directors are the original artisans who designed beautiful & iconic pieces.

We introduce each new Legendary Design one by one.  

Release 01 is a pair of Limited Edition earrings and ring by artist Man Ray.


Ethical Wedding Rings

The golden rings that will forever symbolize you as a couple are crafted with the world’s purest Fairmined Ecological gold.

Futura Jewelry gold nuggets

Liberating Gold Jewelry Forever

We create gold jewelry from a global curation of history's most iconic jewelry designs. 

Over 99% of the world's gold is mined by releasing toxic chemicals – including mercury – into the environment, causing irreversible damage. The UN calls it a, "worldwide crisis". 

We believe in better. It's the less than 1% of gold mined that is Fairmined Certified as Ecological. 

Crafted locally and exceptionally in New York. 

Be modern with us.

Futura goldsmith studio NYC

Slow and Local Artistry

Crafted locally in New York by world leading artisans, our jewelry is genuinely sustainable, ethical, and traceable.

Ocean Sunset

Our Responsibility

There’s a new future for gold.

Mongolia - one of two locations in the world Certified as Fairmined Ecological.

How We Help

The compassionate communities who honorably mine gold without chemical emissions have our support.



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