Gold mining is a fantastically dirty business. There are about 15 million small-scale miners who use mercury to extract the gold from the ore. The United Nations has declared mercury one of the biggest threats to the future of our planet.

The vapors are hazardous, they travel long distances, cause irreversible damage to the environment, enter food sources, bio-accumulate in animals and result in severe harm to human health, including the nervous, digestive and immune systems. The worst part is that 38% of mercury emissions on earth come from these miners.

As the source of the gold in the jewelry you are wearing right now, it’s clearly a major factor in what the UN called a “worldwide crisis.”


Most people are unaware of the facts. Because these dangers are hidden from both the public and professionals, there is no demand for clean gold, and safe alternatives have been too slow to be adopted.

But we can’t leave our universal love of gold behind. It is impossible – humans have treasured, revered, and used gold for their most sacred functions for over 6,000 years.

Our Purpose

This isn’t just about building a niche business that offers an alternative. It’s about assembling a brand to inspire the modern consumer, and challenge the industry to do better. 

It is about liberating the consumer, and giving them true transparency as to the source of their gold, without greenwashing.

It’s about offering the ability to make a personal choice that aligns with their beliefs around humanity, and collectively collaborating for the future of the planet and for human rights through making smarter, more compassionate choices.


Over 99 percent of these mines released mercury and toxic chemicals into the environment.  Our goal is to source gold from the mines that change to mercury free mining and reduce the mercury emissions. The certification for gold mines to qualify as Fairmined Ecological is very strict, and there are currently only three mines in the world, in Mongolia and Peru, that are certified as practicing certified clean mining methods.  These mines currently supply Futura.  

With demand,

our vision is that in the future the certified Ecological mines become the standard.