Our Heron symbol, hand-stamped onto every piece of FUTURA jewelry,  guarantees its authenticity and is a hallmark of our certified mercury-free  18kt Fairmined Ecological gold. Our gold is licensed with and reviewed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining’s Standard and Certification department, which verifies FUTURA complies  with the requirements of the Fairmined Standard for gold from  Artisanal and Small-scale Mining. Certificate Number US30047 Licensee since 2017. Your jewelry purchase makes you a changemaker to make the planet a safer, healthier place.


The tranquil Heron is the symbol of FUTURA.

The image of the FUTURA Heron is taken from an engraving on an Ancient Greek ring.
The Heron is perceived to be very positive and good omens. It represents the spirit with which we are making the world a safer place.

The peaceful Heron symbolizes elegance, patience, purity and positivity. They stand on one or both legs in shallow waters still and peaceful, representing their strength and inspiration to not give up on causes and holdfast to desires, plans, and dreams. 

You will find the Heron symbol in every FUTURA piece of jewelry as a hallmark of authenticity of your Fairmined Ecological Gold.

Your purchase makes you a first follower and changemaker as we patiently make the planet a safer place one piece of jewelry at a time using clean, pure gold mined without toxic chemicals.