Discovering iconic and timeless gold jewelry from some of the world's most creative minds throughout history.



The perfect chain does exist, and its design is over 4,000 years old. Layer it, add pendants to it, or simply wear it as a bold statement on its own, the Eterna chain is refreshingly versatile and timeless.Handcrafted link-by-link this classic Ancient Roman chain is one of the oldest known styles found across the globe dating back as far as 2500 BC.

An Ancient design that is just as strikingly modern today as it was all those millennia ago when it was first made. A truly timeless necklace that will never go out of style, to be worn and treasured forever.

Left: The original Eterna chain made Circa 3rd–4th century AD Source: The Met 
Right: The Eterna chain, handcrafted today with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold.


The Adeia necklace, featuring 19 stunning beechnut pendants move naturally along with you, making you shine like the goddess you are. In Ancient Rome the leaf shape pendants of the Adeia necklace symbolized the Greek goddess Diana who reigned over forests and woodlands. It was originally designed circa the 4th-3rd Century BC. 

The Adeia necklace hails from the Hellenistic period, during which jewelry was often passed from generation to generation as family heirlooms, rather than being buried with its original owner. Today we honor the same tradition of passing down our most treasured jewelry to our families to be worn and cherished forever. Handcrafted today in NYC with 18k Fairmined Ecological gold.

Left: The original Adeia Necklace Circa 4th-3rd Century BC
Right: The Adeia necklace, handcrafted today with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold.


A necklace of epic proportions, featuring three stunning charms from across the globe.

The Odyssey pendant from Ancient Egypt: The Odyssey pendant originates from the New Kingdom of Egypt and served as a seal for applying official stamps. The seal rotates showing four engravings: A scorpion, lion, crocodile and the name of the Pharaoh this originally belonged to, Horemheb. 

The Love Locket from 19th Century France: the Love Locket features a beautiful embossing of our Mother Earth on both sides, wrapped in a closed belt to represent what we hold to be most precious.The locket slides open in a unique way, inspired by the original French locket from the late 18th century, that was made in honor of the poet, Edmond Rostand.

The Ibis pendant from Ancient Peru: Hailing from 100-400 AD Peru, the Ibis necklace is an expression of humankind's reverence for the natural world. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. A totem believed to give the wearer the strength to get through any of life’s challenges. It is believed that the Ibis guides us to what is deep within all of us as we live life, our inner wisdom.

The Amulet necklace is a talisman to ward off negative energy, and totem to harness your inner strength. Amulets of love and protection come together on an Ancient style Roman chain handcrafted link-by-link in NYC with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold. 

Left: The original Ibis and Odyssey charms.
Right: The Amulet necklace, handcrafted today with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold.