At the heart of every FUTURA jewelry creation lies a dedicated team of master artisans, imbuing each piece with meticulous craftsmanship and care, right here in the vibrant landscape of New York City.

Our atelier, established in 1954 in the bustling metropolis by a seasoned Parisian artisan, boasts a rich legacy of crafting exquisite jewelry for esteemed houses worldwide. As a cherished family endeavor spanning generations, our artistry earned the esteemed title of "the jeweler's jeweler" by none other than Christie’s Auction House

After years of success serving the luxury jewelry industry, the workshop became aware of the issues of small-scale gold mining and decided to change their procedures to become an ethical workshop.



Each masterpiece birthed within our atelier commences as a humble copper or sterling silver prototype, meticulously honed to perfection to ascertain proportions and precision. Once the alchemy of creation unfolds flawlessly, our artisans meticulously fashion each piece using 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold, ensuring not just beauty, but ethical integrity.

A symphony of skills harmonizes in our workshop, each artisan contributing their expertise to sculpt perfection, down to the minutest fraction of a millimeter. All the materials used in our trials, find purpose anew, as they're smelted down to be used again in future designs.

Our master artisans shown here crafting the first test model of the Lampshade earrings out of copper and sterling silver on the left, and the finished pair made with 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold on the right.

the final step: polishing

After the completion of the final Ecological gold model, the stage is set for the process of finishing and polishing. Tasked with a critical role, the polisher holds the fate of the entire piece in their hands; one misstep could jeopardize all previous efforts.

Polishing entails an intricate procedure, demanding a series of actions including filing, sanding, and buffing across multiple stages. Only through this process can the desired superlative shine and luster be achieved, elevating each piece to its zenith of sparkle and shine.

There is a high level of skill required to become a master jeweler that is only honed after many decades in the industry. Making jewelry is an intense labor of love, one that finds many without them looking. It's an art form that is slowly being replaced with 3-D modeling, yet some jewelry cannot be made on a computer. There will always be a need for human hands to finish and polish the final product as well.

The human touch is a subtle feeling that gives a piece of jewelry more soul. You can certainly feel the love when you put on a piece that is crafted by hand. Discover 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold jewelry, handcrafted in NYC by the masters.

Uptown Earrings  - Sustainable Gold Huggie Hoops by FUTURA
Uptown Earrings  - Sustainable Gold Huggie Hoops by FUTURA
Uptown Earrings
Eco-Friendly Gold Uptown Earrings Made in NYC
Gold Earrings for Women Made with Sustainable Gold
Gisele Bündchen Wearing Sustainable Gold Uptown Earrings by FUTURA
Uptown Earrings

Uptown Earrings

Love Locket Made With Sustainably Sourced Gold
Love Locket Made With Sustainably Sourced Gold
Sustainable Gold Locket for Women
Eco-Friendly Gold Pendant by FUTURA Jewelry
Gold Love Locket by FUTURA Jewelry Made with Sustainable Gold
18kt Gold Locket & Chain Made in NYC by FUTURA Jewelry
Love Locket

Love Locket

Sustainable Gold Cuff Bracelet - Made in NYC by FUTURA Jewelry
Sustainable Gold Cuff Bracelet - Made in NYC by FUTURA Jewelry
Amore Gold Cuff Bracelet - Sustainable Gold Bracelet by FUTURA
White Gold Cuff Bracelet Made with Eco-Friendly Gold
Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet - Crafted in NYC with Sustainable Gold
Gold Cuff Bracelets by FUTURA Jewelry Made with 18kt Ecological Gold

Amore Cuff Bracelet