The perfect link between elegance & eco-consciousness

Futura Jewelry created LINK to grow a community of wearers that would bring focus to the reality that eco consciousness in jewelry is possible. Every first follower wearing the bracelet sends a message that they support efforts to improve mining processes in the gold mining industry.

 Just as we have improved socioeconomic conditions, healthcare and environmental impact in the mined diamond industry and in the fashion industry, wearers of the LINK bracelet let the world know they support radical change in the jewelry and gold mining industry as well. A message that we can and should do better.   

The LINK Bracelet comes in three colors, 18kt Fairmined Ecological white, yellow and rose gold.

Gold jewelry has been a symbol of luxury and beauty for centuries, but the dark side of gold mining has been a growing concern in recent years. The environmental and social impact of gold mining is often devastating, with high levels of mercury emissions causing long-term harm to our planet and its inhabitants. However, there are improved mining practices that when adopted eliminate the need for mercury and this Fairmined Ecological gold is changing the world.

Crafted from 18kt Fairmined Ecological Gold, the LINK bracelet is a true work of art. Its design is both timeless and modern, making it the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. However, the Link bracelet is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry; it is also a symbol of hope for a better future.


Fairmined Ecological Gold is mined in a way that is both socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Unlike traditional gold mining methods that rely on toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide, Fairmined Ecological Gold is extracted without the use of these harmful substances. This means that the communities surrounding the mines are not exposed to dangerous levels of toxins, and the ecosystems in the surrounding areas are not contaminated. It also eliminates the risk of mercury emissions emitted during the mining process from contaminating waters and vegetation thousands of miles away. Mercury emissions know no boundaries.

Choosing to wear the Link bracelet, we are making a statement about our commitment to a better future for our planet. We are showing that we care about the environment and everyone worldwide who are at risk from the harmful effects of mercury emissions. We all believe in a better tomorrow.

The United Nations has declared mercury emissions a major threat to our planet. They formed the Minamata convention signed by 130 nations that vowed to eliminate the use of mercury in all industries. The gold mining industry is the biggest contributor at 40% and the reason why gold jewelry made with gold mined without mercury is a necessity.  

Have fun with stacking 2 or 3 LINK Bracelets together to create a whole new look. 

FUTURA Jewelry was accepted as a partner of The United Nations with the mission to communicate the benefits and needs for eco conscious jewelry. The LINK bracelet is the most visible way all of us can show our support for a better tomorrow for all of us and our planet.

Be the LINK to the future of jewelry. Be the LINK to a hopeful world.