We've teamed up with Role Model's Management to collaborate with their consciously minded models for our Fall/Winter 2021 campaign. 


"FUTURA fits into my sustainable lifestyle, because it gives me the confidence to wear jewelry without putting other lives at risk, while reducing my carbon footprint."

Jasmine Elboukili | Sustainable Model Wearing FUTURA Jewelry

Jasmine chose the Odyssey necklace as a nod to her Egyptian heritage, along with her absolute favorite FUTURA piece - the Deity earrings to remind her of her power as a Creatrix of life. 


"Futura in Spanish means future: Futura as a brand means to me creating with the future in mind, with the health of the planet in mind, with timeless design in mind. We need brands creating across industries being leading examples and role modeling sustainability, Futura is doing that."

Anisa Benitez | Modeling Sustainable Gold Jewelry by FUTURA

Anisa chose the Orbit hoops as her changemaking piece of jewelry. "I love all of the pieces but the Orbit hoops are my favorite, their design is cosmic and unique. As my highest self I feel expansive and connected to the universe."


"FUTURA means hope. FUTURA gives me hope that they truly care for mother earth, their sustainability values align with mine and it inspires me to continue learning how my values can be placed on both everyday activities and luxury items."

Tenzing Kalden | Modeling Sustainable Gold Astrid Ring

Tenzing has chosen the Astrid ring to represent her personal aesthetic and conscious values.

"My favorite piece is the Astrid ring, I recently started wearing jewelry and I'm learning how jewelry can elevate everyday garments effortlessly and I can also support brands that align with my ethics. I would wear the Astrid ring to upgrade my everyday basic outfits, maybe with a white shirt, gold hoops, and a pair of high-wasted jeans and white sneakers."


"I love that FUTURA is educating consumers about mercury and other toxic chemicals used in gold mining...So many people are unaware of this. Brands like FUTURA show that... sustainable, Ethical Jewelry is possible."

Hartje Andresen | Modeling Ethical Gold Jewelry by FUTURA

Hartje's favorite FUTURA piece is the Elena bracelet. For Hartje this bracelet is bold and delicate, strong and feminine which is how she likes to see herself.To her the palmette pattern looks like little hearts - which is what her name translates to, the symbolism of giving life and spreading love. 



Role Models Management | Ethical Modeling Agency Partnering with FUTURA Jewelry

Role Models Agency puts ethics, sustainability, environmental, and social justice at the core of their business. Founded in 2017, the agency came to life from the desire to build a platform where models are given a voice to speak about things they believe in.We wanted to show the world that models can be incredible agents of change and help shift pop culture in the direction needed fora better future.“FUTURA is the future of jewelry. Many of us are just now realizing the statements we make with the jewelry we wear daily. You don’t have to choose between ethics and style with FUTURA.... this has been one of our most exciting collaborations to date.”

-Valerie Emanuel, Co-Founder of Role Models Agency


Odyssey Necklace Made with Sustainably Sourced Gold
Odyssey Necklace Made with Sustainably Sourced Gold
Sustainable Gold Necklace Made in NYC
Gold Necklace for Women / Men Made by FUTURA Jewelry
Sustainable Gold Necklace Made in NYC by FUTURA Jewelry
Eco-Friendly Gold Necklace with Engravings
18kt Ecological Gold Necklace by FUTURA Made in NYC

Odyssey Necklace

Elena Bracelet - 18kt Gold Bracelet for Men or Women
Elena Bracelet - 18kt Gold Bracelet for Men or Women
Men's / Women's Sustainable Gold Bracelet by FUTURA Jewelry
18kt Sustainable Gold Bracelet Handcrafted in NYC
Elena - Eco-Friendly Gold Bracelet for Women
Gold Bracelet for Women Made with 18kt Ecological Gold

Elena Bracelet

Deity Earrings - Sustainable Gold Earrings Handcrafted in NYC
Deity Earrings - Sustainable Gold Earrings Handcrafted in NYC
Deity Earrings - Earrings for Women Made with Sustainable Gold
Eco-Friendly Gold Earrings for Women
Diety Earrings by FUTURA - Gold Earrings Made with 18kt Ecological Gold

Deity Earrings

Astrid Ring - Sustainable Gold Ring for Men or Women
Astrid Ring - Sustainable Gold Ring for Men or Women
Astrid Ring - Ethically Sourced Gold Ring Made in NYC
18kt Ethically Sourced Gold Ring Made in NYC

Astrid Ring