3 Reasons Why Futura is Eco-Friendly
From the gold mine, to our workshop, to you, our gold is 100% traceable to the source. 
5 Sustainable Influencers and How They Style FUTURA
A guide to styling FUTURA Jewelry by 5 sustainable and ethical bloggers and activists.
The Future of Jewelry
Discover our collections: The Essentials, Legends, and Wedding rings.
Legends Release 01 Man Ray

For Release 01, we chose two iconic pieces originally designed in the 1970s by acclaimed visual artist, fashion photographer, and designer Man Ray.

The Perfect Pair
The Smitten and Ethereal rings are a match made in heaven. Our most popular duo amongst FUTURA couples, you can't go wrong with this exquisite duo. 
A Letter From Our Founder

My awakening begins 35 years ago, when I was invited to Rome, a city which has globally influenced art, style, design and culture for the past 3,000 years.

After nearly 100 years of operating exclusively in Italy, the luxury jewelry house Bulgari was ready to respond to the attention they had drawn from all corners of the world by internationalizing the company, and they appointed me as their President of North America for their first international boutique in New York City.