Adeia Necklace

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Designer: Ancient Greek Jeweler
Year: Hellenistic period, circa the 3-4th Century BC.

Find yourself dripping in gold with the Adeia Necklace, featuring a shower of golden beechnut pendants that sway as you move. According to the Ancient Greeks these leaf style motifs symbolized the goddess Diana who reigned over forests and woodlands.

19 pendants are suspended from a lush 17" handcrafted solid gold chain, dubbed the "loop-in-loop" style, and is the oldest known chain found across the globe dating back as far as 2500BC. 

Handcrafted in NYC with 18kt certified Fairmined Ecological gold that is toxic chemical free, sustainable, ethical and clean.

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Embrace newness. Purity is the new luxury.

Fairmined Ecological Gold

The only jewelry in the world made only with Certified Fairmined Ecological gold, which is mined without the use of toxic chemicals, such as mercury or cyanide. This protects humanity and the environment, including water sources, and prevents the irreversible effects of mercury vapors going into the atmosphere.


Delivering social development and environmental protection. Providing everyone with a source of gold they can be proud of.

Ethical & Traceable

Empowering miners with healthy and safe living and working conditions, stability, gender equality, no child labor, along with creation of wellbeing in the community and support for workers rights.From the mine to your finger, we provide physical traceability of the source of gold through the entire supply chain and creation journey. 


Safely mining pure gold, while changing the paradigm of our ‘right-to-exploit’ the natural environment. Adopting a worldwide view of respecting safe planetary operating limits, and removing the damage to the environment caused by gold mining.  

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