There is Nothing Luxurious About Hurting Mother Nature



We're genuinely sustainable, ecological, ethical, and traceable.

We create a global curation of history’s most iconic jewelry designs – responsibly.

99% of the world’s gold is currently produced by emitting toxic chemicals including mercury into the environment. The United Nation’s calls it "a worldwide crisis".

We believe in cleanly mined gold, and only craft our jewelry with Fairmined Certified Ecological 18kt gold. Crafted locally in New York by some of the world’s leading artisans, our jewelry is genuinely sustainable, ecological, ethical, and traceable.

Be part of the 1%.


The best of the best, released one by one.

Selected for modern relevance and authentic intrigue, each design release is rich with creative imagination and soulful heritage. Our Creative Directors stem as far back as 1200 BC, and were meticulous masters of their craft.

We collaborate with the world’s most notable jewelry historians to adventure through the centuries right up to the 1980’s in exotic places of artistic expression such as India and Rome to discover refreshing treasures which are utterly modern for today.

Crafted with the world’s purest gold, each piece is legendary.



We are starting with the Paolita II Mining Concession in Peru.

The ecosystem of the rare communities who mine ecologically (i.e. without mercury emissions) have been previously damaged by irresponsible mining and they live in disadvantaged conditions with medical, educational and social hardship.

It is our mission to provide a positive impact on the lives of the residents in these mining communities, and for the wider ecosystem they live in.

One by one, we are identifying local mining communities around the world who need immediate help with environmental clean-up and education, plus financial support, in order to encourage them to transition to clean mining, without the use of mercury and other toxic chemicals.

The Paolita II Mining Concession in Peru is suffering the direct effects of toxic chemical emissions and vast rates of deforestation in the Amazon basin. Once this project is completed, we will continue to identify and support communities in need.


Providing everyone with gold jewelry they can be proud of.

Over 2,000 tons of gold is mined for jewelry every year. Family members young and old are injured, and some even die, while working to extract gold from the ore. Local residents are often forcibly displaced to make way for the mine. Waterways and soil are polluted, while mercury and other toxic chemicals destroy ecosystems and harm wildlife and people.

Futura aims to act responsibly in everything we do, to protect the environment and support human rights, through our use of Certified Ecological gold and ethical production.

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Delivering social development and environmental protection. Providing everyone with a source of gold they can be proud of.

Ethical & Traceable

Empowering miners with healthy and safe living and working conditions, stability, gender equality, no child labor, along with creation of wellbeing in the community and support for workers rights.From the mine to your finger, we provide physical traceability of the source of gold through the entire supply chain and creation journey. 


Safely mining pure gold, while changing the paradigm of our ‘right-to-exploit’ the natural environment. Adopting a worldwide view of respecting safe planetary operating limits, and removing the damage to the environment caused by gold mining.  

Fairmined Ecological Gold

The only jewelry in the world made only with Certified Fairmined Ecological gold, which is mined without the use of toxic chemicals, such as mercury or cyanide. This protects humanity and the environment, including water sources, and prevents the irreversible effects of mercury vapors going into the atmosphere.